Welcome to the Riverlands. Set in the wild northern reaches of Avistan, this land is ruled over by minor lordlings and river kings, who fight and squabble to claim their patch of land. The game begins in the city of Daggermark, a city of stability in the changing political currents of the Riverlands. A Pathfinder’s Lodge has formed in Daggermark, and the initiate Pathfinders are determined to explore the hidden places of the Riverlands, in search of wealth and knowledge to pass on to the ever-watchful Decemvirite, the secretive leaders of the Pathfinders. In time, they will come to know many of the secrets of this land, and will rise to the rank of full Pathfinders. Their mission? Observe, Report, Cooperate.

Players can use all races and classes from the Core Rule book. Your player’s attributes can be drawn from the standard array (13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8) arranged however you see fit. In addition to all of your character’s features as provided in the Core Rule book, you may choose two traits for your character. Speak to GM for trait pdf. In addition to the core races, the following racial option is also available: Dragonborn

[Given that a major element of this campaign is going to be exploration, I would strongly recommend not looking at the Pathfinder: Inner Sea World Guide, a map of Golarion, or the Kingmaker Adventure Path.]

The Riverlands